Tintype, 2015

Georgia Smith is an artist currently living in Philadelphia. While she is available for press, event, and artistic commission, Georgia also enjoys alternative methods of the photographic medium. The content in her exhibition Primal Bodies was birthed by an organic analog experiment she conducted using her deceased grandfather Walter Smith’s expired slide film. Due to the use of this film, in addition to the mechanisms of her hush-hush process in which Georgia utilizes camera lens filters and cross-processing, Georgia claims fame to this aesthetic and is currently working to push the process further.



Primal Bodies

OX Coffee  - Philadelphia, PA

March/April 2018

I Am Not Watching You

Francis Colburn Gallery  - Burlington, VT

April 2015


Speaking Volumes - Burlington, VT

April/May 2015 

Saturday Night Special

The Daily Planet - Burlington, VT

July/August 2014 


Gryphon Cafe - Wayne, PA

July/August 2011


Tongue And Cheek

Headlong Studios . Philadelphia, PA

December 2017

Summer Grand Salon Show

Greenpoint Gallery . Brooklyn, NY

June 2017


Francis Colburn Gallery . Burlington, VT

May 2015


Francis Colburn Gallery . Burlington, VT

March 2014